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Feeling stuck. Lack of direction. Stress. Burnout. Uncertainty. Existential Angst. Life-threatening Disease. Anxiety. Worry. Sadness. Loneliness. Apathy. Procrastination. Distractibility. Anger. Obsessions. Depression. Family Conflict. Loss & Grief. Life Transitions – In-between phases.
Not living the life you want to live. Relationship conflicts. Career and workplace challenges.
Career decisions. Self-esteem deficits. Move to a new country. New job.
Separation. Divorce. Aging. Mid-life crisis. Retirement.

Looking for a training, workshop, retreat, speaker to educate your employees or colleagues.
Looking for a training or retreat for yourself.

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Therapy from the comfort of your home. For individuals, families and couples. Online – Worldwide.
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For cancer patients, their families and caregivers across the cancer continuum/trajectory.
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Online Courses

Learn online, at your own pace, in your time, from anywhere.
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Coaching &

Coaching and psychological counseling for inner strengthening and coping with crises and challenging situations.
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Palliative Care &
Grief Counseling

In case of life-threatening illness, loss and grief, for patients, mourners, and relatives.
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Retreats & Talks

Specialist in psycho-oncology, palliative care, facing death
and dying, life transitions,
acceptance + commitment.
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From the comfort of your home. for individuals, familes and couples
Integral and holistic framework connecting mind, body, soul, spirit
Journey of Presence, Discovery, Realizations, Wisdom, Healing and Integration into daily life

Diving into psychotherapy may feel difficult at first, particularly since our busy lives are not often conducive to identifying emotions or exploring the self.

You may be seeking therapy in a period of deep transition, grief, trauma, or simply trying to understand yourself a bit more. I’m ready tohelp you find harmony with your relationships, career, family, and most importantly - yourself.

My compassionate and non-judgmental approach to psychotherapy is an effective way to begin the path of introspection.

Quite simply, therapy is a weekly or bi-weekly place to process what’s going on in your present, make sense of your past, or explore factors that may guide the choices you make for the future. Explore your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and relationships in a safe and compassionate therapy environment. Upon taking a closer look, I hope to help you cultivate a life that feels self-compassionate, vibrant, and authentic above all else. Effective therapy can make a lifelong impact, and I'd love to help guiding you through the process.

Are you ready to start exploring your best self?

Let's connect
let's connect
I have been deeply passionate about the work as a psychotherapist since 2006, as also experiencing deep exploration and healing in my own life. It is my honor to share the gift of psychotherapy with each of my clients.

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Advantages of online therapy

  • No long waiting times: Online therapy, Counseling & Psychotherapy without long waiting times
  • Easier access: Clients who live in remote areas or who have limited mobility or limited access to transportation may be more motivated to participate in online therapy.
  • Reduced cost: Online therapy eliminates the costs associated with travel time and gas.
  • More consistent therapy: Online therapy decreases absences due to poor weather conditions or sickness, allowing clients to participate in therapy on a regular basis.
  • More intense therapy: Online therapy can be scheduled more frequently, as clients do not have to commute long distances.
  • Increased progress: Since online therapy provides more intense therapy, it can accelerate progress.
  • Psychological comfort: Online therapy can help with eliminating the social stigma related to receiving mental counseling or other therapy.
  • Flexibility: Clients have access to more specialists and can select the specialists who can work with their schedules.
  • No recorded diagnosis: Insurance companies mandate a diagnosis, oversee your health records, and may seek access to your information while in therapy. They also may limit your coverage to a set number of therapy sessions per year, regardless of what you're going through. When considering the implications of using insurance, paying out-of-pocket is a better fit for some.


Sprit- body -soul – mind
For patients – caregivers - friends
From the comfort of your home in German and English
I am experienced and trained as a professional psycho-oncologist since 2006. I work with and support cancer patients, their families, and caregivers accross the cancer continuum, from diagnosis, treatment, to survivorship or recurrence and end of life.

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Cancer changes your life.
You may feel distress that interferes
with your ability to cope with the
disease and its treatment.

A cancer diagnosis can turn your life upside down. All of a sudden, your life changes. It can feel like life is out of control, not knowing what your future will bring. As a psycho-oncologist, I support individuals, couples, families and caregivers who are dealing with the stress/impact of cancer. It can be very helpful to talk to someone who can help you to strengthen your own coping skills, manage challenges and changes associated with a cancer diagnosis and the uncertainty it brings; to learn how to communicate about cancer with family members, children, friends, employers and the health care team; to help manage the many emotions that can be associated with all aspects of cancer.

The first step to start is to...
schedule an appointment
schedule an appointment

For people dealing with a serious illness of a loved one

Relatives of seriously ill people are also suddenly
faced with a special challenge:
  • Insecurity in dealing with a sick person
  • Shifts in roles within the family and the environment
  • How to talk about the illness with children
  • How to navigate in the medical system/hospital
  • Fear of the dying and death of the loved one
  • Worries of the loved one becoming a need for permanent care
With therapeutic support, relatives of seriously ill people
also have the opportunity:
  • To regain confidence in dealing with sick relatives
  • To clarify one’s own changed role and thus to stabilize the relationship again
  • To get support in the structure of a changed daily routine

You are not alone. I’m here for you.

Let's start a conversation
Let's start a conversation

Online Courses

Learn online, at your own pace, in your time, from anywhere
For all people wishing to explore, learn, and connect
Around topics related to coping, art of living & dying, grief support

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Coaching & Counseling

Private - Life - Business - Crisis -
In between phases
For inner strengthening- coping with crises and challenging situations
From the comfort of your home in German and English

If you're not spending your life the way you'd like to, let’s talk about it.

If you are ready for a new life and willing to embrace the unknown, you are on a luminous path! I can help you break away from old mind patterns and conditioning, a sense of lack or something missing, and useless overthinking. thinking. We will aim at building a more carefree and fulfilled life - filled with calmness, clarity and connection.

I will provide you with pointers and a framework to shift your focus from the energy of the past to the peace of the present moment with an open door. So you can reach for your goals and aspirations while aligned with the Now.

Move past your blind spots(we all have them)
Identify your values, strengths, and goals
Create an efficient time managment system
Create a vision for your life
Establish work/life balance
Thrive in times of transition
Manage stress and flourish
Discover the power of self-love
Discover who and what you are
Set personal and professional goals
Become more in tune with your partner/spouse
Discover how to most effectively achieve your goal
Establish a safe environment without self-judgment
Let's connect
Let's connect

Crisis is a productive state.
You just have to take the aftertaste of disaster.

-Max Frisch

What you can expect
from working with me

  • Forming an action plan that may challenge your long-held assumptions and subsequently help create a desired life.
  • Powerful questions that allow to look inward for discovery, insight and commitment
  • Pathways, tools and techniques that support clarity, vision, goals, and alignment
  • A co-creative relationship based on trust in a safe, supportive environment that includes ongoing mutual respect and feedback.
  • Step-by-step identification of limiting patterns through self-discovery
  • Coaching with presence, mindfulness, openness, flexibility, lightness, laughter, and poetry.
My online coaching + counseling sessions usually take place via video calls,
but I also offer email counseling for those who prefer to write.
Learn more about how we can work together and pricing.

Whether you think you can or
you think you can't, you're right

-Henry Ford

Loss & Grief Counseling

In case of life-threatening illness, loss and grief
For patients, mourners, and relatives
Online– Worldwide
"In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer."

Albert Camus
Loss & Grief Counseling is another form of psychotherapy that helps individuals cope with the loss of a loved one or various other issues that cause feelings of loss.

During the grieving process, it is common to go through a range of emotions. However, if the grief is beginning to affect your life by causing isolation and you are finding it difficult to heal, then it is time to seek professional help.

Grieving does not simply mean "letting go",
rather grieving means "connecting

Loss & grief counseling provides a much-needed outlet for grieving. It enables individuals to express the emotions and the feelings behind the loss they have suffered.

During the online counseling sessions, effective and healing ways of dealing with the grief will be discussed. These tools vary per individual and are implemented to allow for healthy healing. The goal is to provide a safe and nurturing environment in which to encourage proper healing.

You are not alone. I'm here for you and can help.

Let's connect
let's connect

Workshops, Retreats & Talks

Specialized in Psycho-Oncology, Loss + Grief, Facing Death + Dying. Mindfulness, Awareness + Personal Growth. Life Transitions + In-between-Phases. Acceptance + Commitment
Offline & online – worldwide
Seminar – workshop – retreat - talks – supervision -encounter

Upcoming Workshops

A Matter of Life & death

Retreat - Berlin 2022

Is your group, company or organization interested in a training, workshop,
intensive retreat or a talk?

I create highly customized and interactive presentations based on your organization’s objectives, needs, and vision for a wildly successful program.

The main focus of my teaching and trainer activities are topics in the field of psycho-oncology, palliative care, communication and self-care. I also offer self-awareness seminars and self-reflectionon existential topics such as illness, suffering, dying, death and grief.

Based on more than 25 years of practical experience in various business +medical/clinical, and psycho-social fields of work with therapeutic /advisory and educational approaches as well as various additional training courses, I offer a wide range of advanced training courses, workshops and talks.

My approach is characterized by a systemic attitude that looks at and understands people in their individuality and uniqueness. Thanks to this holistic perspective, I meet the participants on an equal footing and accompany them with humor – sometimes confronting - and creative know-how.
Let’s talk about your request
please contact me here!

Overall Objective

Each participant will leave with tools and action steps that will move him/her forward in his/her life, career, leadership and/or development.

Sample Training Topics

  • Dealing With Anxiety In Cancer - How To Find A Flexible Coping strategy
  • Coping with Cancer – find your way through disease and treatment
  • 1 + 1 = 3: Team building and Communication
  • Cancer – Coping, Support and Living Well
  • What to do with your own feelings? - Selfcare in working with cancer patients
  • Do I have to die now ...?" - The conversation in the relapse / palliative situation
  • Arrangement of Hope - dealing with the truth
  • Who cares for the caregivers? – Coping, Support and Living Well for cancer caregivers
  • A Matter of Life and Death – How to live fully and meaningfully
  • And suddenly everything was different ..." - Emotional reactions and processing possibilities in the case of a cancer diagnosis
  • How can I help?” - Possibilities and limits of psycho-oncological support by nursing staff
  • Who offers what, for whom, where?” - Psychosocial support options for cancer patients and their caregivers
  • What helps…? - Psycho-oncological interventions
  • And the fear will stay ..." - On dealing with fear of progression
  • Spirituality, meaning and hope in accompanying and treating cancer patients

Group specific sample topics

Training offers for people and organizations who take care of people in the last phase of life full-time or part-time

  • Nobody dies alone - Accompanying the dying and their relatives
  • Living with finitude - shaping life with cancer
  • Communication with the dying
  • Coping with stress and finding balance
  • “Do I have to die now ...?” - Emotional support in difficult situations
  • In encounter with finitude - Self-awareness and reflection for oncological practitioners and companions
  • Ethical aspects in the last phase of life
  • Arrangement of Hope - Dealing with the truth
  • Emotional accompaniment of people suffering from cancer in the palliative or advanced phase of cancer
  • Consolation and comfort in professional guidance
  • Systemic grief counseling
  • Emotional and psychological support for seriously ill people and their relatives
  • Orange - apple - banana - pineapple: Self-care for volunteers, nurses and doctors spirituality
  • Dealing with existential questions
  • Dealing with senselessness, hopelessness and demoralization
  • 1 + 1 = 3: team building + communication

Training offers for people and organizations who take care of people with oncological diseases and their relatives full-time or part-time

  • Emotional accompaniment and communication with cancer patients and their relatives
  • In contact - Emphatic communication with tumor patients and their relatives
  • Psycho-oncological aspects in the accompaniment of tumor patients
  • Advice and support for cancer patients and their relatives
  • Psychosocial support measures for cancer patients and their relatives
  • Nobody is sick alone I - Effects of cancer on the couple relationship
  • Nobody Is Sick Alone II - Effects of Cancer on the Family
  • Coping with disease in cancer patients and their relatives
  • Right in the middle of life .... - Coping with cancer
  • Basics of psycho-oncology
  • Finding the right word ... - In encounters with tumor patients and their relatives
  • Questions, questions, questions can never hurt! - Conversation with tumor patients and their relatives
  • Screening procedures in psycho-oncology
  • Nobody treats cancer patients alone - The team as a resource in oncological treatment
  • Psychosocial pressures of reverse isolation
  • Fear of progression
  • Dealing with senselessness, hopelessness and demoralization in cancer patients spirituality
  • 1 + 1 = 3 team building + communication
  • Self-management in the oncological setting
  • "How long will I still live ...?" - Challenges in doctor-patient communication
  • “Does my husband have to die now? - Challenges in doctor-family communication
  • Cancer-related fatigue - diagnosis and therapy

Training offers for people who accompany, treat, supervise other people on a voluntary or full-time basis

  • Burnout and burnout prophylaxis
  • Coping with stress and finding balance
  • Selfcare for practitioners and companions
  • Orange - apple - banana - pineapple: Self-care for volunteers, nurses and doctors
  • Self-care for health care professionals
  • Mindfulness Practice - Finding space in times of stress and strain
  • “When I walk, then I walk, when I sit, then I sit…” - Mindfulness in everyday life
  • Autogenic training - Find space in times of stress and strain
  • Wellbeing despite stress - From the competent handling of demands and loads
  • Burn-out and Mindfulness
  • Happiness seminar - many roads lead to happiness
  • Saying "no" - The art of setting boundaries
  • Resilience


Experiential learning sessions to motivate, invigorate, and re-energize participants in a non-traditional learning environment. The workshops are inspiring and incorporate visualizations, group/partner/individual exercises, coaching and teaching. The exercises are meticulously tailored to each organization’s needs and are offered both in-person and virtually.