Let yourself be inspired!

Stated in the simplest way,

the purpose of this blog is to share with you something of my experience—something of me.

Here is what I have experienced in the jungles of modern life, in relationships, instudying psychology and working as psycho-oncologist in a hospital,as psychotherapist in a private practice, researcher in an university medical school, and as a general seeker in this magical life.

Here is what I have seen. Here is what I have come to believe. Here are the ways I have tried to check and test my beliefs. Here are some of the perplexities, questions, concerns and uncertainties which I face. Here are my personal learnings or philosophical themes which have come to have meaning for me. Here are tools, ideas, thoughts, and attitudes to cope and to shape a life the way you want it to be. I hope that out of this sharing you may find something which speaks to you.